UI/UX Designer (Contract)
at Frog Design

  • Telematics
What I Did

  • UI Design
  • UX Design
  • Design System


Creating a trusted and friendly advisor.

CalAmp is a provider of IoT software applications, cloud services, data intelligence 
and networked telematics products and services. They approached Frog Design to redesign the CalAmp iOn Suite using Fleet Management to define a UX that scales to other verticals and use cases. I was brought on Frog Design’s team to create a high-level Design Language System that outlines experience principles and styles for key user interface components.

Our team included: a Design Director, Tech Director, Program Manager, Strategist, Interaction Designer and myself.

Design research approach

1. Foundational Interview

Get a general understanding of the user’s experience as a fleet manager and their responsibilities.

2. Fleet Manager Journey

Understand a fleet manager’s responsibilities and perception of their role.

3. Current Fleet Manager App

Walk through the application(s) of their current fleet management software.

4. Ideal App

Understand what blue sky features the fleet manager would want, and prioritize among other common features, needs and use cases.

Customer archetypes

Customer archetypes were developed from our user interviews with current customers (CC) and potential customers (PC) of CalAmp’s products. Each archetype is a model of fleet manager traits and behaviors.

iOn customer archetypes

Experience Principles


Meet users where they are, and fulfill their existing needs. CalAmp iOn Suite is tailored towards their preferences and existing workflows.


Be a trusted and friendly advisor. CalAmp iOn Suite guides users and supports through their tasks, roles, and interactions with the platform.


Bring them only the right information at the right time. CalAmp iOn Suite understands why users are in the system, and is smarter in providing the information they need without overwhelming them.


Make it easy for users to perform tasks. CalAmp iOn Suite gives users the tools and resources to know what action they need to take and when.

Opportunity 1 - Build confidence
Opportunity #1

Build confidence

Customers want to feel confident about the reliability of the tool, the people behind the interface and their own abilities. CalAmp has the opportunity to redefine what confidence and reliability means in fleet management.

Log in explorations
Final log in screen
Opportunity #2

Maximize Productivity

Fleet managers want to minimize the time spent in their application so they can instead focus on managing drivers and vehicles. CalAmp has the opportunity to unburden customers from clunky and generalized workflows to help them amplify their impact.

Opportunity 2 - Maximize productivity
Old tracking screen Final tracking screen

I focused on creating clear visual indicators to show what to immediately look for and make key data points easy to scan. Also, I explored ways to represent types of assets and the status of an asset in a fleet.

Final tracking screen (responsive)
Opportunity 3 - Engage drivers
Opportunity #3

Engage Drivers

Drivers are are a critical part of the fleet management value chain. Fleet managers desire the ability to better motivate their drivers so they can ensure compliance, boost productivity, and minimize attrition.


Visual Design Language

Intelligent / Reliable / Leading edge


Differentiate through design

The CalAmp stakeholders were thrilled with the new design for iOn Suite. We were able to use design to help differentiate iOn in a crowded space where 70% of functionality between applications is largely the same. It was a great experience to help build a design system and language for an industry I had never worked in before.

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