Making it easier to protect your family

Between one-half and two-thirds of American adults don’t have a will. As part of the Estate Planning team, our focus was on educating customers about the different tools available for estate planning. The team included two project managers, one product manager, a ux designer, and me the visual designer.

User story

Challenge #1

When I first joined the Estate Planning team, the process of getting a will wasn’t an ideal experience. We treated every customer the same. There was an immediate need to do a better job of identifying how the customer feels about the estate planning process and how educated they are in it to provide the best guided experience.

Solution #1

We aimed to simplify the experience by providing a better recommendation based on user’s levels of understanding.

Persona (Esther)

Challenge #2

Current customers face a confusing post purchase experience. They land on the My Account page which doesn’t clearly inform users what to do next in order to fully execute their estate plan.

Solution #2

Within the dashboard provide next steps and guided assistance for finishing the entire EP process.

LWT overview pg (Mobile)

Challenge #3

There are around 20 pages in the EP ecosystem dedicated to education. Customers bounce around these pages, learning, but frequently not making progress.

Solution #3

Simplify the experience by providing better, more personalized education that helps customers move forward.