Making it easier to connect across time zones.

To get more experience using and applying UX methodologies, I decided to take an online User Experience class with General Assembly. The challenge of my project was to identify a problem people face with staying connected across time zones and geographical boundaries. By conducting user interviews, I was tasked with designing a product that would improve their experience connecting across time zones.

Interview highlights


I began by conducting interviews with people who regularly communicate with someone that lives in a different time zone. To get a large enough sample size, I interviewed 11 people in all that varied in age from 31-74. Through the interviews, I learned that the biggest pain point for people is the time difference. Of the 11 people I interviewed, 7 said that their biggest pain point in staying connected was something related to the time difference.

Competitor analysis 1
Competitor analysis 2

Competitor analysis

After conducting user research, I did a competitor analysis of popular messaging apps that users mentioned using. Most of the popular messaging apps have the same helpful features like group chat and video calls, but don’t resolve the issue of the difference in time.

Feature prioritization


Instead of creating another messaging app, there is a greater opportunity to address the problem of the time zone difference. I hypothesized that by notifying when people are free to connect, it will enable people to communicate more often across time zones. Potential opportunities to help achieve this were: a way to show if people are available to connect, automatically show that time to your calendar of when people are free/able to connect and show what time it is for people in other time zones.